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We help businesses to benefit from capable and experienced consultants in their development and innovation in the online space.

Yekjaweb about

The creative agency of Yekjaweb is made up of passionate and creative people who have a lot of motivation to grow your business Our services are designed to be completely flexible to suit any project at any scale Yekjaweb customers are international startups and local businesses, each of which comes to us with a specific goal. Our ultimate goal is to assess their needs and satisfy them. We are proud that we have been able to gain valuable experience from cooperation with our dear customers and contribute to their success.

Our Services

Web design

yekjaweb helps you to have good sales by designing a website for your business.

SEO and optimization

Yekajaweb not only helps you in website design, but we also help you in website optimization and SEO.

social media

We help you to be seen more in social networks, because social media is very important.


yekjaweb will help you a lot in the most sensitive parts of the web, i.e. photography in products and services.

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