What is web3?

Getting to know the latest generation of the world’s Internet!
Imagine living in a world where the Internet is not under the control of any entity and we can search the web without worrying about being controlled.
Internet, which intelligently understands all your text, audio and video requests using artificial intelligence and brings the audience to the desired result in the shortest time.

These are the features of web3 or the third generation of the world’s Internet.
In this article, we thoroughly examine what web3 is and what impact it has on the future of the Internet industry.
We promise you that after reading this article, you will get to know the new world of the web and its features.

Web3 The new generation of internet based on blockchain

It may be a little strange; But the name of Web3 is tied to the world of blockchain and digital currencies!
The term Web 3, or the third generation Internet, was first introduced in 2014 by Gwynne Wood (one of the founders of Ethereum).
This generation of the Internet has been developed with the aim of removing large intermediaries in the Internet space and decentralizing it.
In the new generation of Net, all systems, information and applications are connected to each other in a decentralized network based on blockchain.

Web3 uses new technologies such as peer-to-peer interactions, open source software, virtual reality and the Internet of Things to process data.
It is expected that this new internet, with its special technologies, will have a tremendous impact on the user experience design of all internet users.

Examining the difference between Web3 and older generations of the Internet
Web 3 has evolved from its older generations and combined them with technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.
Web 1 and then Web 2 are the first and second generations of the Internet; Almost every 10 years, a new generation of the net world is introduced and it transforms human communication.
In this section, in order to know the difference between Web1 and Web2 and Web3, we examine the evolution of the Internet.

Web1: First generation internet only for browsing and reading!

The first generation of the Internet was introduced in the 1990s.
The introduction of the Internet had a strange effect on the work of all industries and businesses.
Users of this generation could design a website for themselves and also be a creator or reader of content on the web.
In Web 1, there was no interaction between websites and users, and the Internet was considered a read-only space.

However, website design for businesses boomed from the same time (90s) and caused a great transformation in the economy of societies.

Even today, big and small companies are starting a website for their business in order to keep up with the competitive work environment.

web2: The second generation of the Internet with more features than Web 1
The current generation of the Internet (Web2) was introduced to the world in the mid-90s.
The Internet that you are using right now is considered the second generation of Net.
With the introduction of Web 2 technology, users were able to create content and interact with each other through mobile phones, computers, tablets and laptops. Social networks, web browsers, and concepts such as SEO and site optimization for search engines were also discussed in the second generation of the Internet.

Today, SEO has a very high position in the world of net and internet businesses.
An optimized and user-friendly site is at the top of Google results and can change the sales of online stores.

Web 3: The most complete generation of internet with decentralization feature
The centralization of the Internet in the second generation put users under the supervision of the world’s technology giants, such as Google, Beta and many other large organizations.
Web3 was introduced after the introduction of decentralization after the invention of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and is still evolving.

The third generation of the Internet will soon be available in the world, and users will be able to exchange information and communicate with each other in a safe and very smart space.
Surely, in the next few years, we will see a big change in the world’s Internet industry.

What are the features of web3?
From Web 3 decentralization to increased security
Now that you understand what Web 3 is, it is better to familiarize yourself with the features of the latest generation of the Internet. The creation of Web 3 based on blockchain technology has made the third generation Internet have unique features that we will examine below:

Decentralization (the most important feature)
Eliminating intermediaries (direct access to the Internet)
Use of artificial intelligence
Using the Spatial Web using Virtual Reality (VR)
Increasing security and reducing the possibility of information theft
With the implementation of Web 3 technology, browsers will not disappear from the page of the day!
Users will always need a variety of browsers to search the Internet.
But surely there will be changes in the design of these browsers and even the sites of different businesses.

Therefore, if you are also planning to launch your own website, it is better to entrust this work to a professional and experienced team that is aware of the features of the new generation of Net.

Getting to know the benefits and applications of web3 training
In order to have a more complete understanding of the concept of Web 3, it is better to get acquainted with some of the advantages and applications of teaching the new generation of the Internet.

These applications include:

In Web 3, users will be responsible for controlling their information.
In the new generation of the Internet, the web is able to understand the keywords and symbols of users and make decisions based on it.

All information is encrypted in this generation and has high security.

Web3 will never be unavailable due to server outages.
Users can have a virtual identity in the net world by creating an avatar for themselves.
Web 3 is available to people at all times and places.
According to this information, it can be said that the main purpose and application of introducing Web 3 is to facilitate, accelerate and increase the security of users in using the Internet.

What is the future of website design in the Web3 generation?
In Web 3 technology, computers, like the human brain, understand information and data through semantic web technology and language processing.
Web3 doubles the accuracy of search results by using machine learning technology (a branch of artificial intelligence); Therefore, the site design and SEO process will be of considerable importance in the era of the third generation internet.

Interactive and user-friendly website design
The requirement to work in the world of web3
In this article, we thoroughly examined what web3 is and what features and uses it has. Of course, Web 3 technology still has minor flaws and is still being developed and planned, But surely, after the full introduction and implementation of this technology, internet businesses will face a huge transformation.

You should prepare yourself for this big change and successful entry into the world of Web 3 by designing a user-friendly and interactive website

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What is web3?

Getting to know the latest generation of the world’s Internet!Imagine living in a

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What is web3?

Getting to know the latest generation of the world’s Internet!Imagine living in a world where the Internet is not under the control of any entity


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